The Flowers of Gibraltar: Flora Calpensis

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:L. Linares, Harper, A., Cortes, J.
Number of Pages:196 pp.
Publisher:Wildlife (Gibraltar) Limited
ISBN Number:8472070883
Keywords:British Overseas Territories, Developed Countries, eukaryotes, Europe, European Union Countries, Flora, flowers, Flowers of Gibraltar, garrigue, Gibraltar, gymnosperms, handbooks, manuals, maquis, Mediterranean Region, OECD Countries, Pinaceae, pines, Pinophyta, Pinopsida, Pinus, Pinus halepensis, Pinus pinea, plant genetic resources, Plants, rocks, Southern Europe, Spain, Spermatophyta, trees, vegetation types, woody plants

This handbook has short introductory chapters on the vegetation types (pine [Pinus pinea, P. halepensis] and olive [Olea europaea] stands, maquis, garrigue, steppe, littoral vegetation) and climate of Gibraltar, followed by short descriptions of 200 flowering plant species, illustrated with colour photographs. Non-native species are noted. A glossary, and indexes of common and scientific names, are included.

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